Using Piano Hinges With Holes

Piano hinges with holes are used in most woodworking projects so that the hinges can be securely screwed to the pivoting surface. For example the frame and the shutter can be joined in a pivotal action with the screws.


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If you check piano hinges there are two types of hinges with holes available

1) The first one is the hinge with holes exactly located opposite to each other on both leaves. While installing this hinge care must be taken to choose the perfect size screws. If you pick the wrong screws then the screw head will popup above the hinge leaf and this can create problems when the hinge closes. The popped up screw heads can obstruct smooth closing of your shutter because of extra screw head material.

Hinge With Adjacent Holes

2) The second type of piano hinges with screws are where the holes are staggered on both leaves. Here is a simple figure that explains everything. This arrangement does not create problems mentioned in the first point above. But still you should use the correct size of the screws.

Hinge With Staggered Holes

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