Using Piano Hinge Without Holes

Piano hinges without holes are popular amongst people who are working in metallic furniture projects. The very reason why hinges are produced without holes is that it needs to be welded to the surface being pivoted. These hinges come undrilled and you must use the appropriate installation option depending upon your design.


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Without Holes

With Holes

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Since the piano hinge or a continuous hinge runs for the whole length of the flat surface being pivoted spot welding can be used to securely grip the hinge leaf on both the surfaces. 

If you are into woodworking and buy hinges without holes then you must have all the proper safely gear and skills to make holes on the hinges using drilling machines.
While buying hinges online, it is necessary that you receive your hinges that are absolutely flat when they arrive. Many customers complain about hinges being bent during shipment, which makes it impossible to fix or install them on a flat surface. if you find them bent during shipping you an ask for a replacement.

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