Should I Use Brass Piano Hinges?

Brass is manufactured as an alloy by mixing copper and zinc under special manufacturing conditions. One good thing about this is that by simple varying the quantities of zinc and copper you'll get varieties of brass. One of the biggest benefits of brass is that it can be recycled and reused.


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What makes brass a very popular material in hardware and tools industry is it's gold like rich finish for fraction of a price. In architecture and construction industry brass is being used extensively for
  • Plumbing and accessories
  • Electrical accessories
  • Small decorating interior design artifacts like light fixtures, statues etc
  • Musical instruments like trumpet, saxophone

Because of it's gold like superior finish you must not use brass where there is a lot of friction, wear and rear. If you use it in places where there is heavy movement of the furniture units like kid's toy boxes etc, you'll lose its shine quickly giving an ugly look. The whole idea is to avoid friction as much as possible while using the units where brass hinges are fixed. The main purpose behind using brass hinges is it's visual beauty and at the same time get the same amount of strength if you would have used stainless steel hinges in the same place.

The perfect place for a brass piano hinge is where

  • The operation of the shutters will be visible 
  • Will add to the visual beauty
  • Movement is minimal and occasional

Some places where you can use brass contiguous hinges could be

  • Piano lids
  • Vintage kitchen cabinets
  • Folding furniture pieces in small apartments.
  • Antique furniture pieces

Extruded brass piano hinges are popular where strength is of utmost importance the process of extrusion makes brass uniform in it's finish as well as strength carrying capacity. One popular finish of brass hinges is oil rubbed bronze continuous hinges. These are great if you want an antique look.

The pricing of brass hinges varies as per dimensions, but normally you'll find them in a range from $5 to $20 per piece.


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