Properties Of Aluminum Piano Hinges

Aluminum has quickly become a popular material for piano hinges amongst home owners because of two main reasons.


Heavy Duty

Stainless Steel



Without Holes

With Holes

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  • It's lightweight as compared to brass or stainless steel.
  • It's corrosion resistant just as stainless steel.
  • It has a unique silvery finish which makes it perfect for using where the hinge will be exposed.
  • Unlike stainless steel, aluminum is very easy to cut because it's a soft material.
  • It is ductile which makes it possible to draw wires from it.
  • It is malleable which makes this a perfect candidate for forming sheets by pressing.

As you can see there are so many amazing properties associated with aluminum which makes it one of the widely used materials in the modern architectural and construction industry. You'll find aluminum being used for

  • Sliding windows and shutters for frames as well as shutters
  • Wires
  • Landscaping lighting accessories
  • Hinges

If you are looking for aluminum piano hinges for your project then you'll find them being sold in "with and without holes" types. Hinges without holes are primarily designed where both the surfaces you want to pivot are metallic so that you can use "spot welding" to install the hinges on the flat metal surfaces.

While buying hinges without holes make sure you know where you'll be using them. If you find that you must use holes to fix these hinges then you must have all the skilled equipment ready with you to make arrangements for the holes at regular intervals. Aluminum being a soft material it does not require too much efforts to drill holes on the hinge leaves, but you need special skills to run a drilling machine with proper safety guidelines.

In the construction industry the Aluminum 5052 and 3003 are used for manufacturing hinges. Out of these two types of hinges the 5052 version is more adoptable for welding conditions, is stronger and more corrosion resistant than the other one. But the 3003 type of hinge also has it's own benefits over the other type. The 3003 type is more lightweight, strong and resistant to corrosion to steel. 

If you are going to use aluminum continuous hinges outdoors then it is necessary that you read specifications properly and only buy "finished" hinges. This is because the "unfinished" aluminum hinges are not good when it comes to resisting corrosion. A process called "anodization" is applied to make them corrosion resistant. If you want to buy aluminum continuous hinges for external use then anodized types are perfect for long term use.

Many times aluminum piano hinges are manufactured using a process called extrusion. By using extrusion for manufacturing the resultant product has a unique and consistent thickness and strength all over its surface. You can read more about extruded aluminum by visiting this website.

If the area where you are going to install shutters has high human traffic then one good option is to use anodized geared continuous hinges. These allow smooth rotation as compared to all other types of hinges.

In the market you'll find aluminum piano hinges being sold in a range from $4.99 to $24 for various sizes.


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