Piano Hinges Dimensions

The dimensions of a piano hinge and the nomenclature for it's various parts is very easy to understand. Here is a figure that explains everything in a simple manner. Let's have a look at all the parts in more detail.


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1) Open Width = This is the width of the hinge when both the hinge leaves are opened and placed at 180 degrees in a horizontal position. This is the maximum expanse the hinge can have. If you rotate the hinge leaves then the open width will obviously decrease at the two end points will come closer to each other. 

Open width is an important factor while hinge installation because it has a direct relation to individual wooden unit where you are going to fix the hinge. 
For example if you are going to fix the hinge in a wooden cabinet then the thickness of the shutter must allow the open width and width of the individual leaf on it's surface to make the rotational movement possible. Picking up the perfect size of the piano hinge is critical for smooth pivotal movement of the shutters where you are going to install the hinge. Whether you are picking up the piano for doors, sheds or kitchen cabinets getting to know the sizes of it's various parts will greatly help in picking up the right size of hinge.

2) Leaf Thickness = Leaf thickness is another very important dimension in a hinge that will decide the smooth operation of the hinge. If the leaf thickness is too big, then problems may arise when the two leaves close and touch each other. When the shutter closes the gap between the frame and the shutter thickness must be double the thickness and a little more so that leaved donít touch each other.

3) Pin Diameter - Pin diameter is similar to leaf thickness where too big pin diameter will not allow easy closing of the hinge leaves causing trouble.

4) Total Length = The total length of the hinge is addition of all knuckle lengths. Normally you'll find that piano or continuous hinges are manufactured in 6 feet or 8 fee total lengths. If you project demands hinges lesser than these lengths, then you can cut the hinge using a grinder tool with metallic blades.

5) Knuckle length - This is the length of an individual rotating unit of a hinge. A series of such alternative knuckles are drawn together using a central "pin" that hold the entire length of the hinge together.

Normally when you buy continuous hinges online, you'll find all these dimensions mentioned on the product description page. You must have a clear knowledge of what size of hinge will fit for your project. 

To make things easier you can write down the dimensions of all parts where the hinge will be installed so that you don't end up buying the wrong hinge.

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