Benefits Of Stainless Steel Piano Hinges

Stainless steel is a great resistant of corrosion when it is exposed to external climate and this makes it perfect for hinges that you are going to install outdoors. One of the biggest advantages of SS is that 


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  • It is corrosion resistant

  • It has a shiny mirrored finish

  • Will withstand external climatic conditions like heavy winds heavy rains, harsh sunlight and even salt water for years.

All these properties are not present in steel alone that is why most people prefer stainless steel over normal steel hinges. 

If you are looking for hinges for heavy duty use like installing them on farm doors or sheds then stainless steel hinges will be your best choice for the strength it gives even if used in external climatic conditions. One of the solid proofs where stainless steel is use externally is the upper portion of Chrysler Building in New York.

Some people prefer brushed stainless steel as their hinge material as it has a different texture than the standard shiny appearance of normal stainless steel. For creating the "brushed" look the normal stainless steel is polished with grit belt or wheel so that the surface gets a pattern of lines on it's surface. This is a great way to retain some of the shine of the metal as well as achieve a different kind of visual beauty.

Another very popular form of continuous stainless steel hinges are "geared hinges" where a gear mechanism controls the rotation of hinge leaves. Instead of a pin, gears are used for smooth pivotal movement.

Unlike brass hinges, stainless steel is a perfect combination of visual beauty as well as strength. This makes it a perfect candidate for several architectural elements like

  • Plumbing accessories like water faucets, pipes, shower roses
  • Hinges
  • Screws
  • Hardware tools like spanners, screw drivers

So if you are looking for piano hinges for external use then stainless steel could be a good choice for long lasting and smooth operation. These hinges are available from $7 to $120 in the marketplaces.


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