Benefits Of Plastic Piano Hinges

Nylon piano hinges are a great alternative to metallic hinges. These are made from a plastic alloy called as "nylon piano hinges" and are made in the for of a long beam You'll also find them in clear acrylic material. Some of the amazing benefits of plastic or nylon continuous hinges over the metallic ones are as follows.


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  • These hinges are non corrosive which makes them perfect for any kind of external use.
  • You can use them to pivot any surface made of metal, wood or plastic.
  • You can use staples, screws or adhesive to install them easily and the installation is really fast.
  • Nylon/plastic hinges will not corrode, peel, rust, deteriorate easily. This make them perfect for long lasting use.
  • These hinges are waterproof and fireproof.
  • They do not require lubrication like metallic hinges.
  • Scientific testing have shown that this material will withstand extreme temperatures from -40 Degrees F to 180 degrees F.

  • These will withstand chemicals like different types of acids, alkalis, solvents, various types of oils and even saltwater.

These benefits make them perfect for easy and fast installation in a variety of interior design and home improvement projects.

In most typical metallic hinges, 2 or 3 moving part and joined together to form a single hinge unit. For example different knuckles are held together by a pin to form a long continuous hinge and all the knuckles operate as a single hinge unit.

In plastic or polymer hinges you may find a single unit being twisted and turned. These do not have separate parts but the whole hinges are molded as a single unit without any sort of "joinery" where friction would arise.

Another types of plastic hinges are also available that are made from clear Acrylic. These hinges are available from $2 per piece for about 1 feet length. These look exactly the same as metallic hinges with knuckles being bonded together but are clear transparent. You must use a special type of adhesive to install them on surfaces. these clear transparent hinges are available in white as well as black colors.

Itís obvious that plastic hinge wonít provide as much strength as the metallic ones, such as stainless steel hinges, but based on the benefits mentioned above you can use them in several places without a doubt. Here are some of the places where you can use plastic piano hinges could be used.

  • Air conditioning equipment

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Work tables

  • Vending carts

  • Vehicle accessories such as aircraft seats, boat seats

  • Hospital and surgical equipment

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